A love letter to your wounds


All this time
all I ever wanted was for you to rest
and bend
and soften.

All I ever wanted was to hold you
and stroke you
and never let you go.

All this time
you were so beautiful
and so fragile
and ever so strong.

Your tenderness is the most precious thing in the universe.
(So it is for each of us, my dear.)

You are swollen with grief
and freedom
and hot stone massages.

I’ve never had a hot stone massage
and I’ve never actually had a mani-pedi — the horror!

But I have loved you all the way

I have loved you
and loved you
and loved you more.

All this time
love was all there ever was.

Come close, dear one:
you can rest now.

2 thoughts on “A love letter to your wounds

  1. I LOVE the You are Beautiful project :)
    P.S. I also love you Heidi! Your blog is amazing and I can almost see/hear you in it when I read it!

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