What story do your feet tell? (Yes, your feet!)

Last week I uploaded a YEAR’s worth of iPhone photos, prompting a stroll down memory lane. Curiously, I noticed a recurring theme: foot selfies. What the…?

But I kinda like them. And upon viewing them all in a row — reveling in where I’d been and who had been there with me, grateful for all the opportunities and adventures and love that filled my 2013 — I liked them even better. And upon rereading Vivienne McMaster‘s response to the eternal question — Why take self portraits of your feet? — I liked them even better.

So pump up the Passion Pit — let’s take a walk :)

IMG_0969Brynna, SF, March 2013

IMG_1106with Rachel & Alicia, Muir Woods, March 2013

IMG_1244Emeryville, April 2013

IMG_1325Berkeley, April 2013

IMG_1416SF, May 2013

IMG_1421with Wylie, SF, May 2013

IMG_1522SF, May 2013

IMG_1773Golden Gate Park, June 2013

IMG_1778Golden Gate Park, June 2013

IMG_1843with Richie & Wylie, Ocean Beach, July 2013

IMG_2147Donner Lake, August 2013

IMG_2161Berkeley, August 2013

IMG_2501China Camp State Park, November 2013

IMG_2642SF, December 2013

IMG_2706with Dogman, Oakland, December 2013

So… what story do your feet tell?

9 thoughts on “What story do your feet tell? (Yes, your feet!)

      • Vivienne certainly turned me on to a long neglected but important part of my body and I will be forever grateful. :) These feet have documented every step along my journey through life as well have endured 50+ years of running, rushing, neglect and worse. Still they’ve carried me forward to where I am today and I am most grateful to the blessings that are my feet. Blessings, lydia

      • Amazing how resilient our bodies (and souls) are. Congrats on surviving it all + arriving at gratitude. I only hope that I can say the same another couple decades down the line! <3

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