Love Your Run?

When Erica inspired me to hop back on the blogging wagon, I instantly knew what I wanted to call my first post of 2014:

love your run

Nearly as instantly, I realized this was no good. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve ever “loved” a run. Even then, “loved” may not be the aptest word choice. Valued or tolerated or relished, maybe. But loved?

Confession:kinda really resent people who love running. I mean, who loves running? It’s uncomfortable. It’s boring. It hurts. I’m not proud to admit that I get mad at the light-footed joggers who aren’t wheezing like a steam engine, but… I do.

If you’re like me, you don’t get runner’s highs or do “easy” runs. Every run is hard. And I’d like to celebrate that. 

I’m feeling like it’s pretty laudable to do something hard, buoyed by a tenuous trust that you’re worth the effort. I’m finding that I don’t need to love my runs; I really just need to love myself… and, while I’m at it, aspire to hate running a little less.

hate your run less

So here, my friends, are some things that make me hate my runs less:

Willo O’Brien on integrity, self-compassion, and feeling alive in your body (this is at the top of the list for good reason… it’s an amazing post!)

Matt Frazier on setting a good goal… and why it’s never really about setting a good goal

This book (major eye-opener!)

This podcast (on why we’re probably set up to fail, and that’s okay)

This blog (feel-good HQ)

This woman (simply unbelievable)

And my favorite motivational essay of all time — not about running, but about getting your groove back. Zero sugar-coating, just grit + grace.

Well, cheers to you for being awesome exactly the way you are right this second. Any goal you may pursue is just icing on an already scrumptious cupcake. Yum.

Do you have any go-to sources of inspiration/motivation? Share in the comments!

Note on awesomeness: A super shout-out to Lisa, Rachel, Scott, Dave, Sam, Brynna, and everyone else running this race in March! Anyone else wanna join us?!

Note on “fitness” goals: It bothers me on a deep level when we moralize exercise/”fitness,” as though the active among us are actually better people than everyone else. I’m not in a lick of shape at the moment, but I don’t believe for a second that my recent history of lounging cost me any moral fiber. Lounging + running are on equal moral footing in my book. Do what makes you feel happy, strong, and well. Or, if you can’t, don’t. Remember that part where you’re already scrumptious?


6 thoughts on “Love Your Run?

  1. Heidi!! I so needed to read this today. I’ve been feeling motivated and proud of myself with the momentum we’ve got going (who cares that we’re only 1 week into the training). But I definitely have the recurring thought of, “am I ever going to enjoy this? Will running always feel like the worst thing ever to be doing?!” Your post gives me some much appreciated perspective. I’m not doing this because I want to be someone who just “totally loves to run.” I’m doing it to challenge myself and feel healthy in my body. Thanks for being the inspiration!!

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