Morning Adventures: 5 Things I Learned While Run-Walking

Hellooooooooo! Back from the blogging hiatus with a new friend to introduce to you!

Meet Dogman* (a.k.a. Buddy a.k.a. Lil Scrap)

photo-1 copy

Dogman working it in John McLaren Park, San Francisco

Last week this little guy made the long haul from Lawrence, KS to San Francisco, CA via Vernal, UT — shout out to the parents for making that happen!

Last year, he made the looooooong-er haul from northern Togo to our lovely United States, and he seems no worse for the wear!


Au village, avec les voisins qui le regardent un peut bizarre…

So now that I’ve got my baby back, I’ve gotta kick my ass into gear! Since I work all day, arriving back home at 9 p.m., this means morning adventures to give the pup a healthy dose of stimulation.

I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge, but let’s just say this isn’t exactly my style. You know those people who can’t watch an entire season of Project Runway in one day because they get itchy and need to do something active? Definitely not one of those people. But we humans are malleable beings, and I can totally become one of those happy, glowy, exercise-y people, right? Riiiiight. Besides, this book convinced me that if I have any solid shot at behavior change, I’d better get busy now.

And that is the story of how, at 7:30 this morning (looking to push that back to 6 a.m…. stay tuned), we hit the trails at McLaren Park. When I laced up my running shoes I intended for this to be a run, but after one steep hill and one cruel hike of a staircase, I embraced the run-walk (emphasis on walk). Dogman didn’t seem to mind.

Lessons learned:

1. Dead skunks, while unpleasant, have about the same effect as caffeine.

2. There are no dogs allowed on SFHA Property, so I need a new route home…

3. The most awesome part of run-walking is when someone passes you right after you restart running, and they think you’ve been running the whole time. Yeeeeahhh.

4. The least awesome part of run-walking is when someone passes you while you’re walking, and they wonder why you’re wearing running clothes if you’re just walking. Ummm…

5. The post-run (er, run-walk) shower is, and will always be, the only real reason I tolerate running. Pleasure at its peak.

Happy morning to you! Look forward to sharing more morning adventures with you :)

*”Dogman” means “life is sweet” in Moba; it’s a proverb held dearly by the majority tribe in my old village.

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