Do What You Can


Just saying hi.

You know those times when you just gotta buckle down and do what you can? Well, this is one of those times. I guess I’ll come clean and admit it: Online community college has taken over my life. DON’T LAUGH. Or do. It’s kinda funny :)

I’m taking general psychology, human development, and medical terminology (prerequisites for OT school). I had some pretty lofty aspirations about popping in on the blog and sharing cool little tidbits of knowledge with you, but that is so not happening. I want to, but I have other more pressing habits to foster. First things first: no more potato chips for breakfast. Priorities, people.

Thus… do what you can. A nice flip side to consider is “don’t do what you cannot.” Just don’t. For me, this means no painting for a while, and I’m okay with that. Sunday Studio is officially on hiatus (or hospitalized for “exhaustion,” or whatever excuses celebrities use to put work on pause). The blog is going on the back burner, and I’m okay with that too. The Etsy shop lives on, though I’ll be slow to ship orders.

But I’m not giving up Grey’s Anatomy, because rewatching all the old seasons on Netflix while I’m doing homework is one thing I can do. Quite easily, in fact. And it’s studying — medical terminology practice :)

Happy, happy Sunday to each of you.


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