Where does your courage live?



My courage lives…

…in mustard scarves
…in painted beads
…in undone dishes
…in tides of kisses
…in big salads
…in bigger scoops of [dairy-free] ice cream
…in Muir Woods
…in Aretha Franklin and Sheryl Crow and India.Arie and Ingrid Michaelson
…in Beloved and East of Eden and The God of Small Things
…in On Being and Super Soul Sunday and at least 2 hours of public radio per day
…in looking myself in the eye
…in dropping the act
…in feeding myself a lot of self-talk (“sweet pea, I love you so much, you’re doing a great job, you’re gonna just be just fine”)
…in trying to try
…in holding sadness, stroking its hair
…in choosing joy
…in that moment at the end of yoga class when we roll into fetal position and hold ourselves so close and so hard and so good because we are strong and proud and tender and grateful and breathing

Where does your courage live?

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